October 06, 2010

A Musician's Musician

Hey Guys!
I had the pleasure of being interviewed this evening by Andrew Fersch of AlrightImWong.com...

Check out the interview here:

August 01, 2010

Egg Over Easy


I just wanted to take a minute and put this thought out into the universe: Last night Shout Sister Shout played at the Peggy Egan Performing Arts Center in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and it was a highlight! I got to ride the S.S. Badger with my boys across the blue and then got to play for a wonderful crowd about one thousand strong. While we played the sun was setting over the bay behind us, a warm summer wind was blowing and the people were smiling and dancing all around us. We met the locals, made some friends and even won a game of billiards at Casey's BBQ! I wish they could all be like this...

Thank you, Door County....for the memories and the free stuff....

January 05, 2010

Blue Moon

Hello There..
I'm just dropping a note to say that I made it through 2009 without a hitch, save for one minor altercation with a juiced up security guard who indeed assaulted every member of my family that was in attendance at The State Theater in Kalamazoo on New Year's Eve without cause...but that was New Year's Eve...so I almost made it!
There's lots of good stuff happening in the near future. If you live in the greater Lansing area the Shout Sister Shout episode of WKAR Backstage Pass airs next month. Check your local listings for times. The Rachael Davis Band will be playing at Bell's Brewery next month and this month I go on the the road with Shout Sister Shout and Virgil. He still goes everywhere with us and pretty soon so will the drum kit Santa brought for him this year...Yeesh, time to get a mini-van? I'll be playing a duo show with May Erlewine later this month. All the dudes in our bands have other bands and they're all playing at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor the same night we'll be playing at The Trinity House in Livonia... So it'll just be the two of us! It should be exciting...
Anyways, keep checking the tour schedule and come down to see me sometime...

October 10, 2009

WKAR Backstage Pass Airs...

Rachael taped some live sets for the East Lansing Public Television Original Series "Backstage Pass" ( www.wkar.org ) in April. The program featuring Steppin' In It & Shout Sister Shout will air Feb 11-May 13. Rachael also contributed to the holiday show airing Dec 17th. Check your local listings & dust off those VCRs!

Mr. Davis

February 05, 2009

The Epitome of Delight

Hello People!

I hope you weren’t too upset about Punxutawney Phil’s lame prediction…. 6 more weeks of winter!! I hope that doesn’t mean six more weeks of single/subzero digits! I don’t think the rabbits living under my kayak would survive it! Maybe if they gave old Phil a raise he wouldn’t see his freakin’ shadow every year! Maybe they should give a sedative to that groundhog that bit the mayor of New York!

Hey, guess what! Sing Out! Magazine is going to publish sheet music for my song “Mark Of Cain” in next month’s issue! So pick up a copy in your local book store next month or visit www.singout.org Shout Sister Shout just launched it’s very own website this month with the help of our buddies at Rough Draft Designs. Check it out! www.shoutsistershoutmusic.com

Let’s see, what else is exciting…hmmmm…. Oh, some of you may appreciate this more that others… Last Monday I got serenaded for the first time ever by little Virgil! I was putting him to bed singing songs and just asked him if he wanted to sing me a song… His eyebrows went up and his voice got this sweet tone to it and he looked off in the distance and swayed while he sang, “Hi moon, hi moon….” My heart exploded of course and I realized that all the difficult things I have endured in this process were totally worth it and were all leading up to this! I finally understood what other parents meant when they talked about little reward. This is the epitome of delight!

Anyways, I can't spend too much time writing to you because I have to go teach little V some more songs! Here are some venues I'll be visiting soon... Take a look and contemplate bringing your spouse, grandmother, or butcher to a good, old-fashioned folk show... As Smokey Robinson would say, "Goooooin' to a folk show!"... or is it "boat show" …I never could tell...

See you soon!

November 09, 2008

The Eloquent Angus Young

Hello Ghoolies and Ghosties and Three Leggedy Beasties!

I hope you're all nicely recovering from your candy binge tummy aches or cocktail headaches, or both! I know some of you are too old to go trick or treating now, but I hope you don't think you're the only one out there that buys too much candy for trick or treaters just so you have an extra bag of snack-sized Milk Duds lying around!

I was hanging out last night in Becket, MA with my friends Dominic, Mikey Merenda, Ruthy Ungar-Merenda, little Will and a tiny little dragon with a very cute "raarrrrr!"(aka Virgil). The tiny dragon and I hung out while the band played and while witches and vampires shuffled in until it was bed time. At which point I sat in a rather comfy chair in the middle of the party and let the little dragon snooze on me for a long time. I didn't think about how late it was getting until Angus Young (not the real one) saw me sitting in the middle of a crowded bar, on Halloween with a sleeping infant and asked me, "Dude, why'd you bring your baby?!". Think I responded by getting up and walking away...to a quieter part of the lodge. Oh, Halloween is fun for so many different kinds of people for so many different reasons....

Well, I'm finally back in New England for a little while and just in time to be reminded of why autumns in New England have such a good reputation. I haven't been here in almost two years and, as soon as I get behind the wheel of a car, it's like I never left at all.... It's true, ask Dominic..... I'm just glad Virgil hasn't learned to repeat EVERYTHING we say yet...... The next trip we take out here, I might have to let Dominic drive the whole time or else Virgil might pick up on a particular bad habit I have! *&$##^%$*!!

October 11, 2008

2-Day-Old Pickle

Hi Registered Voters!
What demographic do you belong to?

I hope I’m not making assumptions! How are you all faring in the political mire? Are you brandishing buttons and posting yard signs? Perhaps some of you are canvassing and making calls! I’m getting a nice mix of CNN, MSNBC and The Daily Show with a little bit of SNL on YouTube. I would read more of the newspaper if Virgil didn’t eat it before I got to it. I’ve heard some kids live on air and noodles, but I’m beginning to think his favorite meal is the business section with a side of dried leaves and little sticks. And for dessert, a delicious, 2-day-old pickle he had stashed in his cardboard box clubhouse. “Mmmmmm!” he says as he takes a big old bite of it before I can get to him.

Last Monday we took Virgil to his first political rally/Springsteen concert. I got a nice picture of him in the baby backpack, clutching some socialist literature with The Boss in the background and I’m putting it straight in his conscientious objector file! We were standing right up front and he fell asleep during an acoustic version of “Thunder Road” (Virgil, not The Boss) and was out for the rest of the show. After the set, Bruce exited the stage right in front of us and saw Virgil asleep in my arms then gave us an affirming thumbs up. It was definitely a high point. This nice man standing by us snapped a picture and sent it to us. Click on the link below to see it!

The Boss Giving Virgil The Thumbs Up
www.rachaeldavis.com !

Check it out!

We were out with our friends at Swallow Hill in Colorado earlier this month. Those guys know how to party….I heard….because I had to put the baby to bed….. Seriously, it was fun, the weather was beautiful and my cousins Dave and Vanessa were way more than accommodating. They gave up their queen sized bed and even changed a couple diapers! I hope they made it to DC safely with their U-haul, Subaru and motorcycle….

SO, for now we’re sticking close to home for a few more weeks. But look for us next month out on the East Coast! We’re coming to New York City, and, my old stomping ground Boston, MA who will, hopefully, still be celebrating a Red Sox World Series victory! Don’t worry, I’m knocking on wood right now….and you should be, too….Especially if you’re a Phillies or Dodgers fan. GO SOX!

September 10, 2008

Sheep People

Shwmae My Fellow Travelers!

That's Welsh for Hello! It's pronounced "shoe-my"... If you've got any extra time you might have some fun on Wikipedia learning about the Welsh language. MAN, it's twisted, but very interesting. My people come from Wales. A bunch of red-headed/bearded beer drinkers! Sheep people. Wool. Mutton.

Ummmmm...OH! How was your summer? I saw a few of you at Wheatland last weekend! I think we can safely assess that summer is waning. Last Tuesday it was 95 degrees in my yard on the lake and the next day it was 63! It's been in the 60's since then. And when it rains it doesn't smell like grass and steamy pavement outside, it smells like cold dirt and dead leaves. The corn fields have turned to gold and there's only one more festival I have left in the season... The Harvest Gathering! I think that means that there'll be no more barefoot trips out to the car at midnight to get the cooler I forgot about when I got home 4 hours earlier. Gone are the days of listening to the crickets chirp through the open bedroom window all night long. Soon there will be long shadows in mid day and Dark-Eyed Juncos leaving twin pairs of tiny, leaping birdie feet in the snow on my back porch.... I can already foresee a mid-winter retreat to Uncle Joe's house in Miami! Please don't misread me, I lov
e winter! But summer has a way of pulling the rug out from under you while you've still got on sandy foot on it. Maybe that's why they call it "fall"? HAH!

Maybe some of you will be able to postpone shampooing the carpet before you shut up for the winter and come down and see me. There'll be a few opportunities this month....

9/12/08 - Friday 7pm
LVD'S Concert Hall
The Old Bag Factory
1100 Chicago Ave.
with Shout Sister Shout!

9/13/08 - Saturday 8:30pm
in the Radisson Hotel
100 West Michigan Avenue
(269) 343-3333

9/19/08 - Friday 6pm
The Shay Station
106 S. Mitchell St.

9/21/08 - Sunday 5pm
The Earthwork Harvest Gathering
4399 N. 7 mile Rd.

9/27/08 - Saturday 8pm
Swallow Hill Music Association
Daniels Hall
71 East Yale Avenue
with Shout Sister Shout
(877) 214-7013

9/28/08 - Sunday 2pm
Swallow Hill Music School
71 East Yale Avenue
(877) 214-7013

Bring your banjo and a retro thermos full of hot, green tea and come see me! I hope to see you soon!


August 10, 2008

Pink Cows in Party Hats

Good day you all…..

I have no good reason for my summer-newsletter-tardiness …Unless you consider 6 days off all summer a good reason….and those 6 days didn’t happen all at once.

We’ve been to Wisconsin, Mackinac Island, Bliss Fest, Hoxeyville, Dunegrass, the UP, the LP AND the CD….! There was one time in there that we got to go to Lake Michigan….that was one of the days off.

This week I have 2 whole days off! SO while the 18th load of laundry is in the spin cycle and papa is rocking the baby to sleep to the sweet sounds of Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, I found a moment to write to you with some info on upcoming shows...

WHEN: Tuesday 8/12 7:00p
WHERE: Kalamazoo Public Library
315 S Rose St
Kalamazoo, MI
INFO: Stories behind the songs, silly jokes and more!

WHEN: Wednesday 8/13 7:00p
WHERE: Music In The Park
Village Park
Lakeview, MI
WITH: Steppin' In It as Shout Sister Shout

WHEN: Friday 8/15 7:00p
WHERE: Ann St. Plaza Summer Concert Series
Fountain Sq.
East Lansing, MI
INFO: www.cityofeastlansing.com
WITH: Steppin' In It as Shout Sister Shout!

WHEN: Saturday 8/16 7:00p
WHERE: Lake Ann Heritage Festival
Almira Township Park
Lake Ann, MI
WITH: New Third Coast and Andre Villoch!
INFO: Music starts at 2pm

WHEN: Thursday 8/21 1-5pm
WHERE : The Mackinac Island Jazz Fest
Grand Hotel South Lawn
Mackinac Island, MI
TICKETS: $30-$35
INFO: www.mackinacartscouncil.org

WHEN: Sunday 8/24 12:15p
WHERE: Porcupine Mountain Music Festival
36606 Carp Lake Tower Road
Ontonagon, MI 49953
TICKETS: $70-$30
INFO: www.porkiesfestival.org
WITH: Mountain Heart, Tony Furtado, Hamell On Trial John Gorka and MORE!

So please come on down, or up…depending on your geographical location. Bring a blanket to sit on and some egg salad sandwiches…… Mmmmmm….egg salad…. I’m going to go have some lunch…

Chow! (get it)

p.s. Here are some things to check out while you’re surfing the web at work when you should be working…

www.youtube.com (watch all 3 parts)
(this is actually a relative of mine…..really….Uncle Jim…..for real)
(Congrats to my Aunt Mimi who finished the Ironman in 13h 51m!!!)

July 15, 2008

Minor 7th Album Review!

Rachael Davis, "Antebellum Queens," 2008

In terms of artistry, "Antebellum Queens" should probably be considered a breakthrough album for Rachael Davis, a Michigan-based singer and songwriter. The title reference comes from the song "Atlanta's Burning," which uses the historical metaphor of Sherman's March to the Sea as a touchstone for the emotional turmoil of love lost. The power of the song transcends even such a strong metaphor in the hands of this very talented vocalist. Her versatility shines through this 13-song collection with heart and soul apparent at every turn. Powerful, gripping songs are set in some fine arrangements performed by a revolving acoustic ensemble that always serves the song and the voice. "Prayer for Home" wins your heart as the track unfolds and the wonderful vocal partnership with Aoifa ("EE-fa") O'Donovan of Crooked Still simmers to a boil. "Music Sunday," the rocker of the bunch, features a Wallflowers-style setting that Davis infuses with richly nuanced phrasing and inflections. Its vocal hooks are compelling -- and vocal hooks abound on this disc ("Lela May"). Her opener, "Sweetwater Sea," recalls echoes of Dolly Parton -- not the country glam queen, but the serious interpreter of American roots -- complete with the charm of Parton's girlish tonalities. There is more: extended lyrical lines that resolve in complex musical sub-phrases while mining Nora Jones' Little Willies tendencies in "While the World is Sleeping," a lovely, and very authentic reading of the Carter Family's "Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow." Oh, and did I mention she has a lovely voice?
© Steve Klingaman

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