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Crazy Girl-Sing Me A Story

August 25, 2016

Hi you guys!

I wanted to tell you about this awesome project I just participated in! A few weeks ago I was contacted by an organization called Sing Me A Story. It's an organization that brings the creativity of children who have fallen victim to circumstance to life through music! There's a website full of stories that children in need write. Songwriters can go to the website and choose a story to turn into a song. Once the song is written, the songwriter can record and upload it to the website. The song can be downloaded as a donation and the proceeds go back to Sing Me A Story and the organization the child in need belongs to! The man that founded Sing Me A Story, Austin, had a recording booth set up at the Hoxeyville Music Festival last weekend. So a few musicians that were at the festival were able to record their song in a little white tent behind the main stage. So between thunderstorms and main stage acts, I was able to record a song I'd written the night before for a little girl named Eliza in Kansas City! I was honored to be a part of this beautiful thing and you can be too! Go to the link below and download a brand new Rachael Davis song for a good cause! Check out some of the other tunes while you're there! Eliza and I thank you!



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